Dandruff, a sure-fire, cheap and natural way to get rid of it

-Ha ha, yes that's me in the picture.

Everyone has had dandruff at one point or another. I had it for years. Quite some squatters i know have it. Sometimes they have poor hygiene which probably doesn't help but, anyone -no matter how good their grooming habits- can get dandruff.

I wasn't and am not that bothered by the esthetic aspects of having dandruff but i don't like the idea of my scalp being out of whack/balance and being itchy and me doing nothing to restore that balance.

As for the esthetics and "hygiene" aspect, i loathe the drug companies and the current trend in society of smearing every part of your body with 3 expensive lotions, creams, gels and the like. Yes, the multinationals must be pleased how so many take "hygiene" to mean you must buy and use all this crap. You don't need most of this in the first place and secondly there are many cheap, more effective and natural alternatives.

But to get back to dandruff, once you got it can be very hard to get rid off. Everyone in my first squat had it for years and we had this running joke we should rename our squat "De Witte Roos". In Dutch this means both "The White Rose" and "The White Dandruff". I suspect that this particular house being rather damp and that we sometimes used petroleum as well as wood heaters may have brought on and aggravated the condition. But there are lots of possible causes for dandruff: allergies, diet, central heating, hormones, too much "hygiene", stress etc.

There's a lot of bogus "cures" and old wives tiles about dandruff.

During those many years that i had it, it was sometimes almost gone and sometimes it was so intense that there was a veritable snowstorm when i shook my head. Sometimes when the dandruff was particularly bad my head also itched like mad.

I tried lots of things including washing a lot and hardly washing at all, head and shoulders, special prescription-only-shampoo with tar in it etc. etc. None of that stuff worked. At best the dandruff would be gone for a few days and then be the same or worse. Head and Shoulders in particular seems like a scam, that stuff costs more than 4 Euro and seems to keep the dandruff at bay for two days at most. "Everyday use" indeed. Bling Bling Ka-chink.

-Piss off

I won't keep any other dandruff sufferers in suspense. The answer to dandruff is so simple you may be skeptical:

Thoroughly wash your hair with Apple Cider Vinegar every day for anywhere from 5 to 10 days and your dandruff will be gone.

This is no bullshit. It really works! I am not trying to sell more vinegar or anything. My dandruff was gone within 6 days of washing. All i have to do to keep it from coming back is to now and then (when my head is a little itchy) wash my hair with it for one or two days. I just finished my treatment but from what i gathered i will only have to do this very infrequently.

I got all this information plus much more of a simple web site and the fellow who made the site described the f.a.q's. and ins and outs very well, so check it out:


If you consider doing this treatment i really urge to check the site!

The only (minor) downsides of the treatment i can think of:

-This Apple Cider Vinegar stuff smells fairly strong. However once your scalp and hair are dry the smell is almost gone. None of my friends smelled anything strange or unpleasant about me. I could imagine a girlfriend or boyfriend might smell it, but it seems silly to mind because after a few days her partner will smell the same as before and be dandruff free as well.

-When applying the vinegar (in particular the first few days) it may sting a little. This feels quite a lot like the sensation you get when you bleach your hair but it's not as strong and doesn't last nearly as long. The sensation is simply an indication that the stuff is working and disinfecting your -most likely- irritated scalp. After a few days of applying i didn't feel this at all anymore.

-Also if you breath in the vinegar deeply it is a bit unpleasant, ventilating while you apply it would be a good idea.

These little downsides i personally found no bother at all. Seems like a tiny price to pay to me.

If i might offer some further suggestions:

You can buy Apple Cider Vinegar in many stores, but over here they carry it in the Albert Heijn (small bottles, you will need two). The A & H sells an eco variant which will be a little expensive. You could also go to Super De Boer which has a larger cheap bottle.

If you buy 3/4th of a liter or more you will have enough for sure.

Buy a plant spray/mystifier to apply the vinegar. Vinegar is kind of runny and a bit ethereal like alcohol. So when you apply it straight out of the bottle you tend to have some running through your fingers and falling on the floor. The spray will let apply it much better and you'll save lots of the stuff.

I also shaved my head so i had really short hair (was planning to anyway) before i started my treatment. This is handy but definitely not necessary.

I sprayed a little after shave on my head while i used the vinegar, to camouflage the smell a little. Not sure if this is good for the treatment as after shave contains alcohol but i had no problems.

I am not sure if it's a good idea: but i also used the vinegar on my face. I had some impurities and zits which never got worse but didn't go away either. Again it stung a little but i afterward i could really feel it had disinfected and cleaned my skin. After washing it some moisturizer since my skin felt like it could really use it.

My skin does seem to be getting better but it is too soon too tell for sure.

Good Luck!