F.A.Q    -Frequently Asked Questions
Who are you, whose page is this?

This page is maintained by a guy living in the Netherlands:
Quite a lot of art is by another guy called Richard. You can learn a bit more about Richard by reading his profile which is part of the Illustrations and pictures section.

The articles and images are written and contributed by lots of people. I am always open to interesting contributions from anyone. I don't guarantee i will put up your piece or picture but i will seriously consider anything i am send and i will always appreciate you sending me your creations.

So why does your page work shitty/partially/only work good in certain browsers?

I am very sorry for these inconveniences and i continually work on improving this site. The fact of the matter is i am pretty new to web publishing. I am trying to figure it out as i go along, so there might be some problems now and then. If you encounter such a problem and it persists mail me please, by letting me know the problem you really help me in my attempt to make the site better. Most of the errors you will encounter in the near future you can overcome by trying a different browser such as Opera or Mozilla. Of course i am trying to make our site work well on all browsers but that might take quite some time.

What is this Rhizomes business then?

"The concept of rhizomes, modeled on the strange root systems of certain plants, was introduced by the French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. They're opposed to the tree, which stands for the dominant istern reality and all of istern thought, from botany to biology and anatomy, and also gnosticism, theology, ontology, philosophy. The tree exists in a hierarchical order of a central trunk with larger and smaller branches. The trunk forms the connection betien all parts, thus in a way limiting connections. A rhizome, on the contrary, can be connected with any other at any point. A tree can be cut down, whereas rhizomes are much less subject to destruction. Rhizomes can grow again along another line if broken at some point. Rhizomes are abundant; if ieded out in one place, they will definitely show up somewhere else. Rhizomes are endless, as are desire and the imagination."

The text directly above -in it's original 'squat context'- can be found on:


How about the logo?

It is a Skull and Cross'bones' such as pirates of old used. I like pirates, my particular design is modelled on the flag of actual pirate captain Jack / John 'Calico' Rackham. Instead of the bones i substituted the ink quill which refers to the written articles as well as a paintbrush which refers to art and illustrations. 

Why does this site look so “shitty” ? / Why do you use such huge fonts?

* The text and ideas below are 99% stolen from:  http://maddox.xmission.com/c.cgi?u=faq
For more info about his page check the links section.
“This site looks as it does for the following reasons:
1. Bandwidth conservation. I am costing our ISP bandwidth, even with the text heavy layout i have. I want to make this page as efficient as possible while still getting my point across.
2. Protest. I am keeping my site deliberately simple as a protest against all the slick-looking, no-content ib sites out there. Rotating icons and fading links are really not that interesting.
Some webmasters have spent years tweaking their layout and designing their site, and very few get more traffic because of it. When i go to a web site, i WANT TO READ THE CONTENT. That micro-font everyone uses isn't nearly as original as they think. I have chosen a black background for most of the text because it's easier on the eyes than staring at a white screen. Think about it: your monitor is not a piece of paper. Staring at a white background while you read is like staring at a light bulb. Try turning off the lights next time you use a word processor and you will see what i mean. Would you stare at a light bulb for hours at a time? Not if you want to keep your vision.”

When did this page first appear on the internet?

This page was first uploaded -in an even more primitive form- on 23-09-2003. 

What is with the added / updated thingy?

Well, the added date tells you when a (sub)page was first put up, the updated tells you when it was last altered. Often some of the contributors feel the need to change or add to their work. These changes constitute the updates.

How often do you add bits / update?

It all depends,.. at times i may update daily at times weeks or even months may pass before an update. In other words: whenever i feel like it.

What, no banners or commercials?

Nope. I hate banners and commercials and think the commercialization of the net has destroyed it to a large degree, thus you will rarely see ads on this site. i might consider putting ads up in the future. But only if i truly like the product or company. For example, i would rather take down this page before i would have a Microshit banner but the Opera browser (which i believe to exceptionally good) banner on the other hand, i might put up.

Perhaps the best way to describe this site would be as Careware (even though it is not a program in a strict sense). For an explanation of this cool concept surf to the site of it's originator: http://www.arachnoid.com/careware, also check:


If you read the last link you will understand what i mean when i say that i want to be part of the 'New Old Internet' and that i want to be a:

But hey, if you would like some banners, i have included some i like at the bottom of this F.A.Q.

Why is a lot of this page written in English and some in Dutch?

English, so people from other countries can benefit as ill. Dutch, because not everybody that contributes to this page is equally comfortable writing in English.

I have a great contribution /  idea for an article....! /  a nice picture.

Sounds great, just mail it to me in .txt or other common format and i will definately take a look at it. If i think it is good i will put it up. Please make sure to run your written contributions through a spell checker though, this saves me a lot of time.

I love [insert-page-or-image-here], can I use it on my page / publication?

Yes, but always make sure you clearly give credit and for the artwork you usually have to ask permission first. Basically, if there is a copyright notice near the artwork you have to get permission before you can use it.

Also remember that not everything on this site (including the the 'Internet Free Zone' banner and the 'why does this site look so shitty...' bit) is our material. In these cases you should visit the web sites of their creators and follow their usage or copyright instructions.

Obviously, nothing on this site is intended to be used for commercial purposes.

Banners,... yay!: