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1. What is the KSU and what do they do?

The KSU is a volunteer group of friends and acquintances that can give you solid information on how to go about finding a suitable house to squat and also on how to squat. The KSU has a special crew which may help you with the various practical aspects of squatting such as getting in quickly. Although squatting yourself is encouraged by the KSU the crew has a lot of tools and a lot of experience talking to police, mounting the new lock, talking to neighbors, troubleshooting, coordinating etc.
We don't help everyone in this way though, who we help depends on how much time we have, whether the people are nice/social/responsible, whether the people have done all (and we do mean all) the necessary research as detailed below etc.

If you do decide to squat yourself, we also lend out (we do ask a deposit and expect the tools to be returned quick!) a couple of tools that make squatting a lot easier.

Additionally we can help you contact a experienced "squat-lawyer", if you need one. We only do this in certain cases. For more info check 10.

2. What does the KSU not do?


-Anti-squat (anti-kraak = Bah!) or rent out homes. Basically the difference between anti-squatting and squatting often boils down to a simple question:

Do you want to only help yourself and be part of/add to the housing problem or do you want to be a part of one of the housing solutions that is available for all...?

There are a few more reasons why we think anti-squatting (in almost all cases) is crap, if you want to more of the downsides of anti-squatting you could read the Dutch topic entitled "Wat vind jij van Anti-kraak?" on http://www.kraak-forum.tk/.

-do all the work for you. In almost every case we expect you to find an empty building and do all the necessary research. You can expect to be busy with these activities for a few days (most common) up to a few weeks. This is nothing if you consider that to even have a small chance for getting a rented council home in Rotterdam, you need to wait for at least three years.
In other words we don't have list of empty houses (there are several reasons for this) but for now there are plenty empty houses to be found.

-feel that we should always make time to go with anyone that wants to squat. You are always free to ask if we have time and feel like it, But, it may be the case that we have time in a week or it may take three months (very rare). Please remember we are volunteers and have other things that we need to do as well. Next to co-operation a very important aspect of squatting is self reliance and a do-it-yourself attitude.

3. Where and when does the KSU operate?

The KSU takes place every week at the JIP Rotterdam from 15.00 - 17.00 only.

The Jip is a very nice non-profit organization that provides lots of useful information for young people. The KSU however is only open on the aforementioned day and hours. The KSU is autonomous from the JIP, we just happen to share office space with them.

JIP Rotterdam    (http://www.jip.org/rotterdam/)
Mathenesserlaan 173
3014 HA Rotterdam
010-436 25 44

The JIP is open Tuesday through Saturday from 13.00 until 17.00
Wednesday night they also open from 18.00 until 20.00

We always advice you to visit rather than call or mail the KSU

If this is really impossible our mail is rotterdam@jip.org. We check this mail quite infrequently. This is the only mail you can mail to, the other mail addresses to be found on this site are not for the KSU.

4. Why is a lot of this page written in English and some in Dutch?

English so people from other countries can benefit as well. Dutch because not everybody that contributes to this page is equally comfortable writing in English.

5. What Research/work should I do if I plan to squat?

See the Squatting Guide!! We can't stress the importance of the research enough. Research is crucial whether you squat with or without the KSU.

6. Short Squatting Guide for Rotterdam

The Guide (Korte KraakHandleiding Rotterdam) can be found in the 'articles' section of the Rhizomes site as well as at the KSU in printed form.

 - > http://www.rhizomes.nl/short squatting guide.html

Please read it thoroughly before you come to the KSU. This can save you and us a lot of time and effort.

We suggest you also look on Squat.Net! (http://squat.net/index.shtml) for booklets and manuals (kraakhandleidingen) from other dutch cities. 80% of what is written in these (often excellent) manuals applies to Rotterdam as well.

7. Minimum Research needed for the KSU to consider squatting (practical help)

See the Short Squatting Guide for Rotterdam.
Once again, it is very advisable to follow the 'minimum research guidelines' and other guide tips even if you do plan to squat by yourself.

8. What can I do to help the KSU / squatting?

-Donations are always appreciated! We use them to buy new tools, pay for expenses and generally improve our “service” to squatters. We do not actually "keep" or use any of this money personally.

-Become an active squatter by helping other (new) squatters when they squat.

-Do good research! Squatting a place and losing it because it was empty for less than a year is just ignorant. Also of you fail at squatting due to poor research you will often completely destroy any chance of anyone squatting that place for some time to come and possibly for ever. -> anti-squatters, bricked up houses, trashed interiors......

-Protest and Fight laws that seek to  make squatting more difficult/impossible

http://www.krakengaatdoor.nl (in Dutch and English)

-Tell the KSU about "empties" that you don't need, we can pass them on to people that are in bad situations and that are truly unable to find something themselves.

9. What are these housing councill's, private owners and companies i keep hearing about???

Housing council's or "woningbouwverenigingen" are the organizations that are supposed to provide housing for people. They have become commercial organizations and don't do such a good job of housing people...

Anyhow, these councils tend to be the easiest owners to squat from. If you are not sure if your owner is a council look in the phone book, there is a whole list under
"woningbouwverenigingen". Some common ones are OBR, WBR, De Nieuwe Unie, De Combinatie and VL wonen but there are way more.

We don't recommend squatting from companies (BV's) or private owners unless you are motivated and don't mind the higher risk of having an unpredictable confrontation. Of course if you are in a position that you can and want to take this risk, this is good since these people (BV's, private homeowners) need to be made to house the homeless as well. For more details about this ask the KSU.

10. What about lawyers/legal reprentation, can you help me with that?

Yes, the KSU can help with that. But, we don't just give the details of the lawyers to just anyone at any time. The few experienced laywers that specialize in squat cases are very busy people. They get phonecalls and requests all the time. A lot of these phonecalls should never have been made in the first place. Many questions do not require the time of a lawyer, you can always first try the KSU, Squat.Net, the Forum or the Mailing list (see squatting guide).

One of the lawyers has written a post (in Dutch) on www.kraak-forum.tk/. In it he explains what he expects from people that seek his help -> Wetgeving - > "Briefje van Marcel, op Kraken-post". (-> section - > Topic).

If you want us to set you up with a lawyer you should read this information and do all that is required. If you don't do this and still contact them, you are probably wasting some very valuable time of some very good and busy people. And, if these people should help you, pay them promptly and buy them some beer/wine or something! They deserve appreciation and respect!

11. I have a question which is not answered here....?

For Dutch answers  to more f.a.q. check out the guide and the links therein and/or: