Below you will find a fairly short list of links to sites that i find GREAT. And i do mean great very literally. If you want to know my what my criteria are and read some additional info on links check the bottom of this page.      -By E=Mp3        added 23-09-05

A "free ware" on-line and very extensive encyclopedia, the information is solid. In various languages, no commercial crap and it is a huge co-operative (not competitive) project that anyone (yes that means you too) can easily contribute to. This is what Internet is all about.         -By E=Mp3        added 20-12-03

If you -like me- are a firm believer in the freeware and open source movement but you are tired of hunting around for true freeware without the adds, fake sites and the bullshit... look no further. Pricelessware is truly that which it's name implies. A simple site with amazing and great freeware programs in almost every category. From personal experience i can highly recommend the programs: Screen Calipers, Thunderbird Mail Client and Open Office. A great bonus is that many of the freeware programs in the list are cross platform, meaning that there are Windoze as well as Linux Variants.
u             -By E=Mp3         added 07-11-03

This is a pool or large collection point for funny, good, interesting, bizarre, etc. links to places on the web. Regularly updated and always categorized. Some real gems here and some stinkers too. The near perfect place when you are bored and online.             -By E=Mp3         added 07-11-03

In one Word: Hilarious! This guy is a very witty writer that owned a Computer Game Store for some years. On his web site this "Gord" -he extensively plays with the God/Gord concept- recounts truly funny experiences and tribulations with some of the most mentally challenged Americans i have ever heard of. The harsh yet humorous and ingenious ways in which he deals with stupid white trash, would be thieves and other abusive customers is just too funny. Fear thy Gord!!!

Again I think this brand of humor is likelier to appeal to males rather than females. Another page with very little commercial crap anywhere.          -By E=Mp3         added 05-10-03

The only truly free (as in NO commercials or memberships) simple site were people give stuff away FOR FREE. Basically it is just private people who have surplus goods such as furniture, bikes, electrical appliances, clothes etc. etc. All you have to do is call or mail them and then pick up what you need. I have already gotten some very nice things from very nice people through this site. I can't recommend and applaud this site enough.              -By E=Mp3         added 25-09-03

Maddox claims to have the "Best Page in the Universe". Hmmm,... well he certainly has one of the most entertaining and funny ones i've seen. His rants are cynical and rough but usually very well written. I think his brand of humor is likelier to appeal to males rather than females. Again this a page with no commercial crap. It would appear that i am not alone in my appreciation for Maddox's opus since 28 Million peeps have visited his site since 1998....

As some of you may notice many of our ideas as far as our layout is concerned are directly stolen from his web site. There is a Dutch proverb that says: "Better to steal a good idea, than come up with a crummy one." Ah,... the Dutch entrepreneurial spirit....    

My Criteria for putting a site on this list are that the site should be: really informative,  valuable and/or funny or other wise extremely entertaining. Also the less commercial the site is the better.

Additionally i only put some links on this page. Quite a lot of links that i think are excellent too can be found in various other areas of this site such as in the articles.