Trammelant was and is the legendary black and white Rotterdam 'Zine (free magazine) that focuses (among other things) on Squatting. It has existed since October 2002 which in the 'Zine world is actually quite long. The word "Trammelant" is a dutch word for disturbance, clamor, tumult or ruckus.
Generally speaking the 'Zine's written content is in about 65% Dutch and 35% English. Quite a few of the Articles on our site have appeared -sometimes in slightly different forms- in the Trammelant.

Although the emphasis so far has been squatting -and particularly the Rotterdam Squat scene- you are likely to find some other interesting underground info on diverse topics. In past this info has touched upon veganism, alternative building/living, parliamentary politics, dumpster diving, comics, laws, police, nonsense, listings and reviews of cheap restaurants and other. So far the "Extreem" party and event agenda's which keeps people up date of interesting underground and/or punk gigs and events in Rotterdam and other Dutch Cities.

The 'Zine comes out about every 45 days, sometimes sooner, usually somewhat later.

As you may have noticed some of the illustrations made by Richard in our Illustration & Pictures section are actually cover art for various editions of the Trammelant.

If you interested in it, you can get the Trammelant delivered in Rotterdam for Free. If you live outside of Rotterdam and you would like it delivered send some money, your name and your address so the crew can mail it to you.

Additionally the 'Zine can (sometimes) be found at the following Rotterdam places:

Worm, Poortgebouw, Waterfront, Het Slaakhuys, Jongeren Informatie Punt and rarely at the Baroeg and Witte de With.

All the people that contribute to the Trammelant are strictly volunteer and have to be very creative in order to cover the costs, so any monetary donations -no matter how small- or contributions/help is greatly appreciated. They are also always looking for people that want to deliver the 'Zine in the Rotterdam Area!

Almost any written pieces, praise, drawings as well as criticism are very welcome. Write to:

T.A.V. Trammelant
Mathenesserlaan 173
3014 HA     Rotterdam

(The little dash is necessary.)