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My Raleigh Twenty, a nifty folding bike
-By E=Mp3                     added 07-08-05

Requiem for a Bike mechanic
-By E=Mp3                     added 11-06-05

The Unknown Road
-By E=Mp3                     added 12-08-04

Why Freegan: An Attack on Consumerism, how to become a freegan
-By Anonymous Vegan  added 28-06-04

Waiting for A Train. A true story about suicide, infidelity, snow and trains
-By Jake                         added 14-06-04

The Abolition of Work
-By Bob Black                added 13-06-04

That little bit more, dating, telling someone how you feel, squatting
-By E=Mp3                     added 28-05-04    updated 12-06-04

Saving someone's Life and Getting some perspective
-By E=Mp3                     added 03-04-04   
updated 12-04-04

Dandruff, a sure-fire, cheap and natural way to get rid of it
-By E=Mp3                     added 14-03-04

Beyond squatting: methods and strategies for freedom and (financial) independance
Part I. Cheap ways of housing yourself that are more long-term and secure

-By E=Mp3                     added 08-03-04

My Squat, in the Middle of my Street - Reflections on Group Living vs. the place
which is truly Home for me.

-By E=Mp3                     added 06-03-04

Alle relevante Wetgeving (laws) die een Kraker bij zich moet hebben
-By E=Mp3                     added 21-02-04

The Quest for the Ultimate Bicycle
-By Mark                        added 09-01-04    updated 10-03-05

Packard Bell Audio key: The best 128 MB Mp3 player for under E100?
-By E=Mp3                    added 23-12-03

My Utopia
-By E=Mp3                    added 16-12-03

Wahey! Our first fanmail/Contribution
-By E=Mp3                    added 10-12-03

Sustainable building methods, a critical discussion and some kick ass links!
-By E=Mp3                    added 04-12-03

Books That may Change your Life (they worked for me).
-By E=Mp3                    added 02-12-03

Michelin guide for squattah's 'n Cheapskates: Rotterdam & The Hague
(For those who want to eat out vegetarian and vegan style)
-By E=Mp3                    added 18-10-03

Imagine... living in a home that cost you nothing to heat or cool - Imagine... building this home yourself - Imagine... growing your own vegetables year round in this home - Imagine... no utility bills - Imagine... easily available "limitless natural resources" to build this type of home - Imagine... a more earth friendly civilization - Imagine... EARTHSHIPS
-By E=Mp3                    added 15-10-03

Thoughts on Linux, why and how to get started
-By E=Mp3                    added 08-10-03    updated 15-10-03

Pc's and Internet have Limitations and downsides, just ask ChumbaWamba
-By E=Mp3                    added 06-10-03

"Everybody is free to wear sunscreen" - A song and the lyrics that slightly changed my life
-By E=Mp3                    added 06-10-03

How to deal with Dutch Cops
-By Gerard                    added 04-10-03

An eyewitness account of the Blauwe Aanslag eviction
-By Anonymous            added 04-10-03

"Free Music: Mp3's, P2P, Kazaa, DIY, the Music Industry, Pornography etc.
-By E=Mp3                    added 29-09-03

Fascists Pigs at the door and Happy Spiders in the Crawl Space
-By Anonymous/Jack   added 26-09-03    updated 15-10-03

Short Squatting Guide Rotterdam -some very usefull info for other areas too!
-By KSU                        added 24-09-03

Movies That may Change your Life (they worked for me).
-By E=Mp3                    added 24-09-03    updated 31-10-03

My reasons for not wanting any kids my choice for Sterilization
-By E=Mp3                    added 23-09-03

Beyond squatting: methods and strategies for freedom and (financial) independance
Part II. How to Stay warm and have Electricity without making the Utility Companies rich.

Wood heaters, Infra red Radiation, thermal mass, electricity and other bla bla
-By E=Mp3                    added 23-09-03